HAIR Services

All pricing may vary. Consult with your stylist for the most accurate pricing.


In an effort to bring our clients the utmost transparency with our pricing, we have reworked our entire pricing model for 2019.

Pricing varies as per the stylist you’re under.

Please refer to the menu’s below to learn more about Studio 285’s services and pricing.


Not sure what stylist to choose? Check out our team page where you can learn more about them and see their social media portfolios on instagram.


Hair Extensions Pricing Guide

All of our hair extensions are ordered weekly and kept in-house to best serve our clients needs. There is NO preordering, waiting list, or deposit required.

Click on the service name you would like to see prices for.

If you cannot make it in to get a consultation, call or text us at 706-945-0175 to make other arrangements.

Hair extension pricing includes installation with no hidden fees.

Resolution Policy

Dissatisfaction in service results must be expressed within 48 hours of the service and the client MUST return to the salon for the work/results to be evaluated and inspected to determine if the dissatisfaction is warranted. If a client is unwilling to return to Studio 285, in timely fashion, for review/evaluation then the complaint is considered meritless and nothing else will be done. Studio 285 reserves the right to enlist the services of employees other than the initial service provider to fix, correct, and otherwise work with the client to achieve a satisfactory service resolution. If a satisfactory service resolution cannot be achieved, then the money associated with the service will be returned after signing our resolution waiver.

Once you purchase extensions and have them installed, we cannot offer refunds. Please consult with your stylist before installation.

Our color services are only guaranteed by using Studio 285 products - Using ANY over-the-counter products after a color service may result in damage and will NOT be eligible for a refund.

In addition, refunds are NEVER available for Color Corrections.